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A longer loading time can lead to the user becoming disinterested and possibly moving on to another your competitor’s website. A well tuned website helps your ranking on Google search results secured a higher place.

Let our enginners dig into any opportunity to improve your page speed performance and perform CMS version upgrade to strengthen security.

What we do in optimization :

WordPress website optimization and upgrade price

Carefully crafted wordpress optimization and upgrade plan for serious business website continuity anytime.

Website Optimization

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Website Size
Supported Platforms WordPress
1 Website
1 Website
1 Website
1 Website
Number of Pages 100 100 100 100
Page Speed Audit
Page Speed Analysis
Code Analysis
Identifying of WordPress Bottlenecks
WordPress Website Optimization
Core Files & Plugins Optimization
Enabling Website Page Caching
Minify Javascript, CSS & HTML
Merge Javascript & CSS (May not work on all sites)
Load CSS before Javascript
Content Optimization
Optimize Website Images (up to 20)
Fix Broken Links, CSS & Images (up to 20)
Server Configuration Improvements
Enable Compression
Enabling Browser Caching
CloudFlare CDN Setup (If Required) Cloudflare
Free Plan
Free Plan
WordPress Version Upgrade
WordPress Version Upgrade
Minor Versions 4.x to 4.x Only
System Compatibility Test
Minor Plugin & Modules Updates *
Fix Site Breakage
Backup Before Upgrade
Staging Before Go Live


Search engines such as Google has started using page loading times to rate the quality of a website. A faster loading website is regarded as a better quality website than a slower loading site. Better quality websites get better search rankings.

Your website will be tweaked to load as faster with installation of Cache Plugins, tweaked with image and files compressions, checking of missing files and configured to make sure your WordPress website performs to its fullest potential.

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